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web.xml Deployment Descriptor Elements

Use the optional login-config element to configure how the user is authenticated; the realm name that should be used for this application; and the attributes …

BEA WebLogic Server Release 7.0 Documentation :: Assembling and Configuring Web Applications

– Metawerx Java Wiki

. This tag defines the authorisation methods for the application, as well as any attributes required for BASIC or FORM-based authentication.

Wiki focussed on server-side Java technologies including web.xml Configuring the web.xml

Before configuring your application as an Identity Provider you need to add some configurations to your web.xml. Let’s start by defining a security-constraint …

Configuring a custom form login page – IBM

You can configure individual applications to direct users to a specific form login page by configuring the web.xml file that is packaged with the …

Configuring the web.xml deployment descriptor – Google Cloud

Configuring the web.xml deployment descriptor  |  Google App Engine flexible environment docs  |  Google Cloud

The file is an XML file whose root element is . Here is a simple web.xml example that maps all URL paths ( /* ) to the servlet class = mysite.server …

web.xml config basic authentication – Discover gists · GitHub

web.xml config basic authentication. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, … web-config-auth.xml … Login page is free to access.

2.5.2. Servlet Authentication – JOnAS

2.5.2. Servlet Authentication

In the web.xml of the web application a basic authentication or a Form based authentication … BASIC …

How to set up authentication for secure Java server access

Progress Documentation

Within the web.xml is a commented-out. … BASIC Corticon …

How i convert login-config in web.xml to java class?

According to JSR-315 Servlet 3.0 Specification : Ch13.6.3 (pg132),. The only way to configure form-based authentication is by using …

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